Skydance Interactive Debuts 'Life VR,' 'Archangel' Virtual Reality Experiences

'Life VR' will launch March 24 in conjunction with the release of Skydance's sci-fi thriller 'Life.'
Courtesy of Skydance Interactive

Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, revealed new details about its first two virtual reality projects: Life VR will debut March 24 in conjunction with Skydance’s scifi thriller Life, which is releasing through Columbia Pictures; and Archangel, which was first announced last month at CES, will premiere in July.

“I am proud to unveil today our first two Skydance Interactive titles that bring to life our mission of combining the fun of interactive gameplay with the immersive nature of narrative storytelling,” said Skydance Media CEO David Ellison in a statement. He will be on hand for the unveiling Tuesday during a showcase at the recently opened Imax VR Experience Center in Los Angeles.

Skydance said that in Life VR, the player — stationed within the International Space Station command module — leads a team of scientists in a fight for survival against a rapidly evolving life-form from Mars. After launching for mobile game play on Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, Life VR will also be made available on Oculus, Steam, Viveport and Playstation.

Archangel is Skydance Interactive’s first original title — a story-driven shooter game in which players are dropped into the cockpit of a six-story-high war machine that must stop a tyrannical corporation from taking over a post-apocalyptic America. The title will be made available for VR systems including Oculus, Steam, Viveport and Playstation.