Sony Launches 4K YouTube Channel

Sony F65 Training - H 2012

Sony F65 Training - H 2012

Sony Professional Solutions Americas launched a "Sony 4K" YouTube channel on Tuesday.

“We created this channel to do one thing — create a community of owners and users of Sony 4K cameras," said channel manager Brett Erlich. It will offer tutorials, testimonials and a curated playlist of user-created videos.

"We're building this community with the development of this technology. As it grows, we'll grow," Erlich said, acknowledging that 4K is still in the early stages and the company doesn't have current figures on how many consumers would be able to view the content in 4K, which is four times the picture information of HD (thus requiring more bandwidth than HD).

Most of the tutorials will be shot at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center on the Sony lot (pictured above).

Asked about high dynamic range, a wider range between the whitest whites and blackest blacks — and a feature that many Hollywood vets believe to be a more noticeable picture improvement compared with 4KErlich responded: "We will be addressing high dynamic range in the future, but we'll be addressing 4K first because of YouTube's ability to support 4K."