Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to Offer Dolby Vision 4K Ultra HD Titles

The Hollywood Sign - H 2015
Courtesy of RexUSA

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revealed plans to offer 4K Ultra HD titles in high dynamic range using Dolby’s Dolby Vision HDR format.

The announcement stated that the first titles would be released in the coming months for "a variety of home entertainment distribution partners," but didn’t specific which partners or how many titles. Currently, there are no Dolby Vision-supported TVs on the market, but several prototypes have been demonstrated at trade shows and Vizio is expected to be the first manufacturer to offer such TVs.

Dolby Vision also is being launched in cinemas. Early Dolby Vision titles, including Tomorrowland and Inside Out, were released in a handful of the earliest supported theaters.

HDR — which can be used with 4K or any resolution — is the ability to display a wider range between the blackest blacks and whitest whites in an image, and has been getting a lot of attention in the filmmaking and entertainment technology communities.

“We continue to be enthusiastic about the growing consumer appetite for next-generation 4K Ultra HD content. With Dolby Vision imaging technology, we can now master our movies with the highest-quality visual experience for distribution to consumers’ homes,” said Richard Berger, senior vp, worldwide digital strategy and advanced platforms, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, in a statement.

In May, 20th Century Fox announced plans to offer all new movies in 4K and HDR for home entertainment, using a non-proprietary HDR spec that's based on current work of the UHD Alliance, which is aiming to create an orderly HDR rollout.

Sony said it intends to support additional flavors of HDR.