Sony Pictures Post Production Opens Imax Dub Stage

The new mix stage meets the Imax 12.0 sound format specification.
Courtesy of RexUSA

Sony Pictures Post Production Services has opened a mix stage dedicated to Imax sound, which is being billed as the first dub stage on the West Coast that uses Imax loudspeakers and meets specifications for mixing in the Imax 12.0 sound format.

Located in the Jimmy Stewart Building on the Sony Pictures lot, the new stage is designed for preparing theatrical features and trailers for release to Imax theaters. The alternative with these capabilities, the company said, has effectively been to work at Imax's Toronto headquarters.

"We’re delighted to have Sony’s new mix stage, which was specifically designed and equipped for the new Imax 12.0 and 5.0 sound formats, become available to mix and optimize films being presented in the Imax format,” Bruce Markoe, senior vp and head of postproduction at Imax, said in a statement.

The stage is equipped with a 24-fader Avid S6 mixing console, in addition to four Avid HDX-3 digital audio workstations, a Sony 4K cinema projector, RealD 3D system, an MDI Precision White Screen and JBL and Imax loudspeakers.

“We are committed to supporting all theatrical sound formats and are particularly impressed with the dynamic quality of Imax 12.0," said Sony Pictures Post Production executive vp Tom McCarthy in a statement.