Sony Shooting ESPN’s X-Games in 4K

Plans are to create a 4K sizzle reel and a 20-minutes story reel that will be available via the Sony Media Player.
Courtesy of Sony

Sony is shooting ESPN’s Summer X-Games in 4K, roughly four times the resolution of today's HD.

The technology manufacturer has been working to create entertainment content in 4K to drive demand for 4K "Ultra HD" TVs that are now on the market. That started with some movies and television, and now some sport experimentation.

The Summer X-Games, which began Thursday in Los Angeles, will be lensed with four of Sony’s F55 4K cameras. Plans are to create a sizzle reel and a 20-minutes story reel that will be available via the new  Sony Media Player, created to deliver 4K movies and other content to owners of Sony's Ultra HD TVs.

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The X-Games has some history in pioneering broadcast technology, notably 3D. ESPN’s 3D broadcasts of two previous X-Games won Sports Emmys. In June, however, ESPN announced that it plans to drop its 3D channel.

At the time, ESPN said it would be experimenting with 4K, though Sony said there are no plans for ESPN to use the footage shot this weekend.

Sony recently tested 4K at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil, with an eye toward possibly shooting the 2014 FIFA World Cup in the format. It also tested 4K at Wimbledon.

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