Sony Testing Alternative Content Exchange Platform

A half dozen exhibitors are participating in the trial.
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Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions Group has started trials of its developing web-based, content exchange platform, called “xMassif,” which it demonstrated this past week at CinemaCon. A half dozen exhibitors are involved in the testing.

This "online marketplace"—developed with Sony’s DADC New Media Solutions team—is aimed at offering theater owners a place to select alternative content, which would include documentaries, independent films, as well as live events and even some library titles. Sony expects the trial to run through September, and then launch during the second half of the year.

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The end goal for the live component is to offer it in 4K resolution “though not this year as the infrastructure isn't there and tested yet," said Mark Lewis, Sony's director of digital cinema international marketing.

Sony plans to offer two live events--though not in 4K--as part of its platform trial, including at least one sports event. That might be Wimbledon or the FIFA Confederations Cup, both of which are Sony sponsored and are separately expected to involve some 4K testing.

Sony is bullish about 4K from production through exhibition. It offers 4K production technology including cameras and has shipped more than 15,000 of its 4K projection systems worldwide.