Sony Upgrades Cary Grant Theatre With Dolby Atmos

Sony's Cary Grant Theatre -  Sony Post Production Services Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Sony Post Production Services

Sony Pictures' Cary Grant Theatre — the largest mixing stage on its Culver City lot — has received an upgrade with Dolby Atmos' immersive sound capabilities.

Since completion, the first project to be mixed in the theater is Sony's Spider-Man Far From Home, which is slated to open July 5. It will be mixed by Academy Award-winning rerecording mixer Kevin O’Connell, who won an Oscar for Hacksaw Ridge with his 20th nomination; and Oscar-nominated rerecording mixer Tony Lamberti, who recently completed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

In addition to the 344-seat Cary Grant Theatre — which has been used over the decades to mix films such as War Games, The Deer Hunter and Armageddon — Sony's Jimmy Stewart Theater and Theater 3 on Stage 6 were also recently upgraded to support Dolby's immersive sound format. Sony Pictures Post Production Services now has seven mix stages that offer Dolby Atmos and plans to have nine mix stages with the capability within the next few years.

The work was completed under the direction of postproduction sound engineering executive director Lane Burch with creative consultation from O'Connell and supervising sound editor-designer-mixer Will Files, whose work includes the recent film War for the Planet of the Apes.

The Cary Grant now has 46 channels of JBL loudspeakers to support mixing in Dolby Atmos and is equipped with tools including dual 48-fader Avid S6 consoles, four Avid Pro Tools HDX-3 workstations and a 192-channel HDX-3 Pro Tools recorder.

Both the Grant and Stewart theaters also support Imax 5-, 6- and 12-channel formats. "We want to accommodate all producers, all delivery requirements and all platforms,” said Tom McCarthy executive vp, postproduction facilities at Sony Pictures Entertainment. “That includes theatrical, large format, broadcast television, home theater, digital and mobile.”

Additionally, Sony Pictures Post Production Services has built two new sound design studios. They will primarily be used by Academy Award-nominated supervising sound editors Becky Sullivan and Andrew DeCristofaro (Unbroken), who recently joined the studio's sound team.