Startup Revelens Launches 'Bookmarking' Platform, Oren Aviv Joins Advisory Board

The company -- founded by Lucas Wilson, an alum of Cameron|Pace Group and Assimilate -- aims to help clients monetize online content.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Revelens -- a startup founded by Lucas Wilson, an alum of such companies as Cameron|Pace Group and postproduction technology company Assimilate -- plans to debut its new web-based "contextual video bookmarking" platform next week at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas. Wilson also revealed that in recent months, former Disney and Fox marketing exec Oren Aviv has signed on as a member of the company’s board of advisors, and Revelens received its first round of seed financing.

The technology -- which was previewed last summer in The Hollywood Reporter while it was in development -- is aimed at helping to create revenue streams for broadcasters and video publishers, while also offering interactive and non-disruptive viewing.

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It effectively allows content producers to embed information, advertising or commerce opportunities into an online program. When the program is streamed to a device such as a tablet using a supported platform, the viewers can tap on the screen to "bookmark" a frame. At any time, the viewer can go back and access information about or purchase items in the frame, such as shoes or a handbag.

Aviv said of Revelens: “While broadcasters and video publishers have embraced the consumer shift to online and streaming content, the Holy Grail of tapping into and engaging with audiences in a meaningful, valuable way via video content still remains elusive -- but now Revelens has found a way to do just that.”

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Following a private beta test program, several clients are already on board. It will be used, for instance, for the upcoming third season of web series In Between Men, which has been picked up for distribution by the Launch TV Network. "[This] will allow us to take that connection even further; allowing our viewers to delve into different scenes, learn about the fashions, the food, the outlandish Manhattan real estate," said Quincy Morris, an executive producer, writer and creator of the series.

Wilson told THR that in the company’s next phase of development, it is creating a consumer-friendly version of the web-based bookmarking system with an interface that will walk users through the process. “It’s the same platform but built in such a way that it’s easy for individuals to upload and build their own bookmarks so they can tag their own content," he said.

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