'Tomorrowland,' 'Inside Out' Will Help Launch Dolby Cinema

The company plans to install the new Dolby projector at the Caesars Palace Colosseum for a CinemaCon preview. Disney's 'The Jungle Book' will also get a Dolby Cinema release.

Disney’s May 22 release Tomorrowland and Disney/Pixar’s June 19 release Inside Out will be the first two motion pictures that will be released for Dolby Cinema. Further out, Disney's The Jungle Book, slated for an April 15, 2016, debut, will be prepped for a Dolby Cinema release as well.

Dolby Cinema is Dolby’s new premium large-format theater design that will support high dynamic range (HDR) imagery with a laser projection-based system and Dolby Atmos for immersive sound.

It looks like attendees at the upcoming CinemaCon theater owners convention (April 20-23 in Las Vegas) will get a sneak peek. Dolby intends to install its new laser projection system along with Dolby Atmos in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where the studios will make their CinemaCon slate presentations to theater owners. Inside Out is planned to be shown in its entirety.

The decision to launch with Inside Out as one of the first title makes sense as Pixar’s Brave was the first theatrical feature to offer Dolby Atmos when that immersive sound system was introduced in 2012. Tomorrowland also isn’t a surprise. The film’s director of photography Claudio Miranda, who won an Oscar for Life of Pi, is a fan of HDR and a year ago told THR that he wanted to use it for Tomorrowland.

Last week, Dolby announced a plan to join with AMC to launch a premium theater brand, Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime, that will combine the Dolby Cinema system with AMC Prime's reclining seats that vibrate with the film's action.

Imax also recently launched a laser-based projection system billed as supporting HDR, and Tomorrowland will additionally have an Imax laser system release. The first such Imax installation in the U.S. is at the TCL Chinese in Hollywood, which recently launched the new projection system with Furious 7. According to Imax, it expects to have 71 such systems installed worldwide during the next year.