'Toy Story 4': Pixar Reveals Easter Eggs Buried in the Film's Antique Store

Eagle eye moviegoers might spot the dogs from 'Up' featured in a painting, or an Eggman Moving Company sign.
Copyright Disney/Pixar
A "painting" of the dogs from 'Up' playing poker with the movie's antagonist, explorer Charles Muntz

As Woody and the toys return to cinemas in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 4, one of the most prominent new locations — and arguably the most challenging to create — is Second Chance Antiques, which had to be populated with thousands of items.

"Fortunately, at Pixar, we have a big 'backlot' of objects from all of our feature films. It was a big treasure hunt because we have a lot of interesting history, and we also took the opportunity to plant some fun Easter eggs," says production designer Bob Pauley.

"There are awards cases from Gusteau's office from Ratatouille," adds supervising technical director Bob Moyer, "furniture from The Incredibles, props from Coco. We worked with the art department and set dressing lead to figure out what they might need."

Here are some of the Easter eggs that Pixar planted in the film.