VES Releases Camera Report Interchange Format

The Society hopes to improve the capture and exchange of camera sheets and metadata from production to VFX.

The Visual Effects Society has released a "camera report interchange format" that it is proposing as a free and open source system to capture and transfer visual effects information from production to postproduction/visual effects.

Details can be found at

Based on the CSV file format, the development was led by the VES technology committee, led by Sony Pictures Imageworks CTO Rob Bredow and SPI’s Sam Richard. The effort included input from data and asset management companies, as well as visual effects companies.

“A key ingredient to creating high quality visual effects is the ability to recreate a digital replica of the environment in which the scene was captured; yet, despite the fact that most studios agree on the fundamental data that needs to be captured on set, there has not been a consensus on a standard camera report format to ensure accurate notes,” said Jeff Okun, chair of the VES Board.

VES is encouraging third-party vendors to support this format. In Monday’s announcement, Shotgun Software CEO Don Parker said his company would offer support; and 5th Kind CEO Steve Cronan said integration would be included in the company’s COREv4 in early 2014.


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