VES Summit: Dean Devlin Urges Hollywood to "Tear Down Walls" With VFX Departments

Dean Devlin - P 2012
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Dean Devlin - P 2012

Addressing what many VFX artists see as a lack of respect in Hollywood, producer-writer-director Dean Devlin asserted that he sees respect growing and "it would grow [further] with closer interaction [with the filmmakers]. I would lobby for some of the walls being torn down."

The founder and president of Electric Entertainment addressed this topic during his Visual Effects Society Production Summit keynote, Saturday at the W Hollywood.

"The problem is the way filmmakers interact with VFX people," he elaborated. "For me, I feel there are too make layers between me and the VFX artists. I find the more the individual artists can interact with the editor, the director of photography ... the [better for the creative] and there are also less change orders."

During the conversation, he also weighted in on virtual reality, which is a growing area of interest in the VFX community. "We are starting to see this on some of the films we are doing," he acknowledged.

"The problem is it's not yet established enough to make it financially viable," he said. "That will change (as VR head sets become more accessible and cheaper). Probably in 2017 it will be viable financial model. I think we are going to see a lot of uses for [movie] promotion right now."

Devlin is director, as well as writer-producer, of upcoming Geostorm starring Gerard Bulterand is in development with his longtime collaborator Roland Emmerich on Independence Day: Resurgence, though he declined to share new story information about the anticipated sequel.