VFX Pro Darin Grant Named VP of Engineering at Solid Angle

Darin Grant  - S 2015
Courtesy of Solid Angle

Visual effects industry vet Darin Grant has been appointed vice president of engineering at Solid Angle, developer of the Anrold image renderer used in VFX.

He previously served as CTO at Digital Domain and Method Studios, as well as held senior technology roles at DreamWorks Animation and Goggle.

In his new role, he will help the company scale development operations and lead its cloud rendering initiative; he'll report to Solid Angle founder and CEO Marcos Fajardo, who continues to lead the company’s technology vision.

“Darin has a long history leading massive technology efforts in VFX and computer animation at big global studios. And like we are, he’s passionate about making sure production needs drive development,” Fajardo said.