Vince Pace Has Joined Rental House VER; Company Launches 'Cineverse'

Cameron|Pace Group's 3D technology will now be handled worldwide through Cineverse, except in China, where CPG China will continue to handle clients.
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Vince Pace

Vince Pace -- who formed 3D company Cameron|Pace Group with James Cameron in 2011 --  has joined VER (Video Equipment Rentals), which is launching a new brand, “Cineverse,” as a full-service rental business supporting motion picture production.

Cineverse encompasses the asserts of Pace, which has effectively been doing business as Cameron|Pace Group in recent years and has been acquired by VER; Fletcher Camera & Lenses, which was acquired by VER in late 2013; and VER's digital cinema rental business.

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Vince Pace had formed his company, Pace, to develop production technology before he met and later partnered with Cameron; in 2011 they started to use the CPG brand. Per the agreement with VER, Pace and 12 engineers join the company.

As part of a series of changes, Cineverse/VER represents CPG's 3D equipment business worldwide, except in China where Cameron Pace Group China will continue to offer rental and related services. “CPG LLC still owns the technology,” Pace told The Hollywood Reporter. “The day to day business will be handled by VER.”

Newly named Cineverse has bases in Los Angeles (with a new Glendale headquarters in the works), Chicago, New Orleans and Miami. It is expected to add Atlanta, New York and London operations. And in total, VER maintains 28 offices around the world. “To be competitive you need a global platform,” Pace said.

At Cineverse, Pace said he and his team would continue to develop its 3D tools — he continues to believe home entertainment will  get to glasses-free 3D as technology evolves — but would be working in a broader range of areas including higher resolution (4K), high frame rates and high dynamic range. He added that VER is “one of the strong players in [the lighting] market” and expects to see innovation in LED fixtures as well.

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Cineverse will support Cameron as he embarks on production of his sequels to Avatar, Pace confirmed.

CPG's 3D broadcast vans were acquired last Fall by Toronto's Dome Productions.

Fletcher Sports was not part of the aquisition of Fletcher Camera & Lenses, and remains a separate business.

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