Virtual Reality Content Creation Platform Voxelus Launches

The startup wants to allows anyone to create VR content, says chairman Halsey Minor.

Virtual Reality startup Voxelus is making its presence known at the Oculus Connect 2 developers conference in Hollywood, where it's on hand with a new platform aimed at allowing anyone to create and sell VR content.

Voxelus’ chairman and principal investor Halsey Minor, who founded CNET in the early ‘90s, told The Hollywood Reporter that the company partners believe VR will began to take off with plenty of consumer generated content, a sort of YouTube model, before it really becomes a business for professionals.

And so Voxelus has created a platform to support this belief. It includes Voxelus Creator, a free 3D design app for PCs and Macs; Voxelus Viewer, which works on desktop PCs, Oculus Rift (scheduled for availability in early 2016) and Samsung VR Gear head sets; and the Voxelus Marketplace, which allows creators to sell and users to buy VR content.

Voxelus Creator is a simple real-time drag-and-drop app that the company said could be used by hobbyists or professionals to create 3D virtual worlds with customizable shapes, as well as a library of pre-built objects and animated characters.

Voxelus Viewer allows this content to be viewed on supported VR hardware, including Oculus Rift and Samsung VR Gear.

The company also plans to launch Voxelus Marketplace, the only place where users of the app can share, buy or sell the created VR experiences. Profits on the transactions would be shared with Voxelus, which was founded earlier this year.