Samsung Makes VR Gear Available for Pre-Orders at $99

Samsung Gear VR H 2015

Samsung Gear VR H 2015

A new consumer version of Samsung VR Gear virtual reality headsets are now available for preorder for $99. The low price caused a stir when the headset was unveiled in September at the Oculus Connect 2 Developers Conference in Hollywood., and are all taking preorders for the goggles, which are scheduled ship Nov. 20.

The goggles, which also use Oculus technology, are driven by supported versions of Samsung smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge. Additionally, the companies report that this version will be roughly 19 percent lighter than the Gear VR Innovator Edition, as well as offer a redesigned touch pad.

Also on Tuesday, Oculus announced that users can view content from Netflix, Hulu and Twitch, as well as movies from 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate via its Oculus Video platform, which was announced in September. This allows viewers to watch their content in what appears to be a movie theater or home entertainment environment.

Games and additional 360-degree content also is in development for VR, which allows viewers to experience the content in a 360-degree immersive environment. Samsung VR Gear and Google Cardboard were among the first mobile VR systems to launch. In early 2016, others including Oculus Rift are scheduled to enter the consumer market.