Women in Animation, Indie Studios Partner on Anti-Harassment Initiative

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The nonprofit Women in Animation has partnered with several independent studio owners to pledge no tolerance for harassment in the workplace.

The pledge has already been adopted by OddBot, Six Point Harness, Titmouse, Bento Box Entertainment, CounterPunch Studios, Duncan Studio, Incessant Rain Animation Studios, Renegade Animation, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Tonko House and Wild Canary Animation. It will also be shared with additional studios.

According to WIA, the studio president/owner(s) have agreed to sign this pledge, which would also be signed by each employee.

It reads that studios are “committed to providing safe and equitable work environments free of discrimination and harassment.” The document also says, “We will not tolerate discrimination and any form of unlawful harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment. We understand that we all have a responsibility to ensure that each of our studios is safe for all employees and independent contractors.”

“This pledge establishes a code of behavior for all employees and a vow from studio leaders to enforce that code,” said OddBot president Chris Hamilton. “When employees move from one indie studio to another, the same pledge will be waiting for them to sign in their new workplace, promoting a consistent net of zero-tolerance that stretches across the indie animation community.”

More information can be found here