Women in Animation Launch "Roar" in Response to Harassment

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Shane Gritzinger/Getty Images

As increasing numbers of women are speaking out against sexual harassment, as well as gender inequality, Women in Animation is launching "Roar," a project through which the organization is urging women and men to create and submit works of art that express their experiences and feelings.

WIA intends to share some of this art via its website, events or social media. The organization does specifically ask that the art not include likenesses of any individuals (other than the artist's).

Last month, WIA announced plans to develop a harassment survey, which it hopes to complete and distribute to the studios before the end of the year.

"Now that [the women who have come forward] have blown the door open, we want to keep the conversation going and put changes in place," Marge Dean, co-president of WIA, told The Hollywood Reporter.

WIA recently updated its website with harassment-related information and resources.