'Wonder': Jacob Tremblay's 90-Minute Makeover Involved Custom Teeth and Full Facial Prosthetics

Wonder BTS 1 - Publicity - H 2018
Dale Robinette

Makeup designer Arjen Tuiten admits he "can't think of any child who has worn full prosthetics as a lead" in a film before Wonder, the surprise hit that has grossed nearly $200 million on its $20 million budget since it was released in November by Lionsgate.

Based on R.J. Palacio's New York Times best-seller, Wonder is the story of Auggie Pullman, a young boy — played by Room's Jacob Tremblay, who was just 9 during filming — with Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic condition that affects the face and eyes.

The young actor wore full silicone head, neck and face prosthetics with individually punched eyebrow hairs. "Underneath the wig, Jacob wore a skullcap made of carbon fiber, which contained a mechanism to pull his lower eyelids down so they appear droopy," explains Tuiten. "He also wore contact lenses to enlarge his irises, custom teeth and a hand-tied wig that was styled long to simulate the look of kids with Treacher Collins, who often try to hide their malformed ears."

Since a 9-year-old can be on set only for a limited number of hours each day, the amount of time it would take to get Tremblay camera-ready was a key consideration. "A makeup like this normally takes about three hours, but due to the time constraints involved in working with a minor, we were able to get it down to 90 minutes," says Tuiten. During the shoot, which lasted several months, rather than using multiple facial prosthetics, he opted for two primary pieces: one for Tremblay's neck, chin and lower cheeks and another for his forehead, nose and upper cheeks.

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