Woody Allen Filming Next Movie in 4K in First Digital Shoot

Allen's 2016 project, with the working title 'WASP 2015,' will be photographed with Sony's F65 4K camera and also mastered in 4K.
Courtesy of Gravier Productions Inc./Sabrina Lantos

For his still-untitled 2016 film, Woody Allen teamed up with renowned cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, and now Sony is confirming that this will be Allen's first digital shoot. According to Sony, they are shooting the movie with Sony's F65 4K digital cinematography camera, with plans to master the movie in 4K resolution.

Storaro won Oscars for Apocalypse NowReds and The Last Emperor. He said in a statement: "I had seen that the Sony F65 was capable of recording beautiful images in 4K and 16 bit-color depth in 1:2, which is my favorite composition. So when Woody called me this year asking me to be the cinematographer of his new film with the working title 'WASP 2015,' my decision was already made. I convinced him to record the film in digital, so we can begin our journey together in the digital world."

Use of Sony's top of the line F65 in motion picture production is currently limited, but it's earned some fans including Oscar winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda, who used the camera model to photograph Oblivion and recently Tomorrowland.

Allen's latest film, which he's shooting in New York and Los Angeles includes Jeannie Berlin (the daughter of Elaine May and a supporting actress Oscar nominee for The Heartbreak Kid), Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll, Ken Stott and Steve Carell. Co-stars are Anna Camp, Stephen Kunken, Sari Lennick and Paul Schneider.