'The World Inside Room' Offers 360-Degree Look Inside Claustrophobic 'Room' Set

The production is presented by A24 and RYOT Media, which also produced the Oscar-nominated documentary short 'Body Team 12.'
Courtesy of RYOT
The set was shot with 12 GoPro cameras on a rig.

A24 and virtual reality studio RYOT Media have released on Monday a 360-degree, behind-the-scenes look at the creative and design process to A24's Oscar-nominated film Room. You can access it here via YouTube 360 or other portals such as the RYOT website. The World Inside Room can also be viewed with Samsung VR Gear headsets.

The production gives the viewer a 360-degree look at the claustrophobic set where, in the story, 5-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his mother (Brie Larson) are held captive, along with exclusive commentary from Room production designer Ethan Tobman.

“This was the perfect set for this technology,” says RYOT co-founder Bryn Mooser, noting that it was photographed with 12 GoPro cameras mounted to a rig (the individual images are then stitched together to form the 360-degree view).“You’re able to get the size and scale of the set. And we hear from Ethan Tobman about how he thought about each piece of the design.”

RYOT is focusing on 360-degree video and VR from a documentary standpoint. In fact, Mooser said they’ve filmed in more than 40 countries, on five continents, and have worked with non-profits (Pencils of Promise, Save The Children) and citizen journalists to tell their stories in the emerging format.

Through RYOT, Mooser and his partner David Darg also produced Oscar-nominated documentary short Body Team 12, which Darg directed. It tells the story of the body team in Liberia tasked with collecting the bodies of those who have died of Ebola. “If we had [more advanced] VR cameras available then, we probably would have filmed some of that in VR,” Mooser admitted. “We’re trying to break the barriers to what’s possible in 360-degree filmmaking.”