First Look: Brad Meltzer's 'I Am Lucille Ball' Biography for Kids (Exclusive Images)

The inspirational kids series 'Ordinary People Change the World' goes Hollywood for the first time.

Brad Meltzer loves Lucy  Lucille Ball, that is. The best-selling thriller author spotlights the comedienne and business executive in the sixth volume of his acclaimed inspirational children’s series, Ordinary People Change the World

I Am Lucille Ball goes on sale July 14. This volume, like the previous five in the series, features delightful illustrations from Christopher Eliopoulos. THR has exclusive preview images.

Meltzer explains why, after pint-size biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Helen Keller, he turned to the Hollywood star. “When I first announced this one, people kept asking: Why Lucille Ball?’ For me, the answer was clear: I wrote it because I wanted my daughter to finally have a female entertainment hero who wasn’t famous just because she was beautiful. Lucy was different than everyone else. She was funny, driven and the first woman to run a major movie studio (producing Star Trek and Mission: Impossible). Her success came from her drive — and because she so perfectly wasn’t like everyone else. She taught me, throughout my own childhood, that humor can take on anything.”

Since the series was launched in 2014, it has accumulated rave reviews and passionate fans. (One friend’s daughter likes it so much that she insists on shelving the books separately lest they be sullied by being commingled with other books.)

The next book in the series, I Am Helen Keller, releases in September, and Meltzer told THR he imagines the series going on for dozens more volumes.

Meltzer also released his first adult thriller in two years, The President’s Shadow, in early June. It's currently in its third straight week on the New York Times best-seller list.  

See THR's preview images featuring the premiere of I Love Lucy, an early movie Ball did with the Three Stooges and a play she performed as a child. 

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