Dan Rather Writing Book on Patriotism

The former CBS Evening News anchor said that during a time of "anxiety and crisis," he wants to explore the country's ideals.
Christopher Patey
Dan Rather

Dan Rather, the former CBS anchor who has become a prominent voice against President Donald Trump, is working on a book about patriotism.

Rather's What Unites Us will be published Nov. 7 by Algonquin Books, the publisher told the Associated Press on Thursday. The book is a collection of essays about topics ranging from civil rights to schools and libraries and what it means to be an American.

In a statement issued through Algonquin, Rather said that during a time of "anxiety and crisis," he wanted to explore the country's ideals and how best to achieve them.

Rather has developed a wide following on social media. He has nearly 2 million likes on his Facebook page, on which he writes often about Trump and current events.