It's the First Day at Hogwarts for Harry Potter’s Son

Harry_Potter_Deathly_Hallows_Epilogue_Scene_Still - H 2015
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Harry_Potter_Deathly_Hallows_Epilogue_Scene_Still - H 2015








James Sirius Potter started school at Hogwarts today, and author J.K. Rowling was there (in spirit) to tweet him best wishes.

In case you’ve forgotten your Potter history: James Sirius is Harry and Ginny’s oldest boy. We meet him in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Sept. 2017. He’s teasing his younger brother, Albus Severus, about the possibility of his being sorted into Slytherin on his first day at Hogwarts (and he also catches his friend Teddy Lupin smooching his cousin Victoire — the daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley).

Harry pulls aside young Albus to tell him he was named after two headmasters of Hogwarts, and one, Severus Snape, was the bravest man he ever knew, so it would be OK to be in Slytherin. (And if that scene doesn’t choke you up, then you’ve got a heart of stone.)

Rowling’s tweet set off a frenzy of responses from Potterphiles who waxed nostalgic about everything from it also being Teddy Lupin’s last year of school to it being the 44th anniversary of the day James Potter, Sirius Black and Lily Evans first met.

Tickled by the responses, Rowling kept on tweeting, revealing this gem:

Its a big day, folks, on Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station.