5 Things John Green Revealed About His Soccer Movie in Reddit AMA

John Green Rosianna Halse Rojas - S 2015
Courtesy of Penguin Random House

John Green Rosianna Halse Rojas - S 2015

This morning, John Green revealed that his next project will not be another story about teenagers but one about a ragtag British soccer club's rise through the ranks. 

In a post on Medium, the YA author announced he will be producing a film about the fan-created soccer team AFC Wimbledon’s rise to England’s professional football league. He first heard about the team in 2007, but didn’t pitch the idea to the studio and producers that made The Fault in Our Stars, Fox 2000 and Temple Hill, until years later. Fox 2000 and AFC Wimbledon announced their agreement to make the film on March 31. 

Shortly after publishing the Medium post, Green conducted an AMA on Reddit’s subthread dedicated to soccer, encouraging fans to ask him anything. Here are five things we learned:

He has no concerns over how Fox 2000 will tell AFC Wimbledon’s story
When a fan asked if Green was worried about Hollywood’s tendency to add events to true stories to increase drama, he said no. After The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, he trusts Fox 2000 and Temple Hill. "It'll be our job to try to tell the story faithfully while also making a movie that will appeal to a wide audience,” he wrote. “But if Wimbledon fans don't like the movie, I will feel that I have failed.”

He would want Mark Duplass to play him in a movie
One fan asked who Green would choose to play himself in the Wimbledon film if he had an unlimited budget. He responded that he doesn’t plan to be in the film, but added Duplass, known for playing Pete on The League and Brendan on The Mindy Project, would be his actor of choice if he were ever portrayed in a film.

He chose a doctor based on which English football team he rooted for
Though Green said he doesn’t generally judge a person’s character based on the sports teams they support, it did come into play when he had to choose a surgeon for his vasectomy. “I visited two surgeons to discuss the operation before deciding upon the surgery, and one of them mentioned being a Manchester United supporter, which was 100 percent of the reason I chose to have my vasectomy done by someone else,” he wrote. Green supports Man U's fierce rival Liverpool. His precautions were pointless. When he told his surgeon the reason he chose him, the surgeon confessed to supporting Manchester United. “The bastards are everywhere,” Green wrote.

He remembers when he knew Shailene Woodley would change his life
One fan posted an edited clip of The Fault in Our Stars scene where Hazel tells Gus that they can’t see each other anymore, and Green said he remembered the scene from the second day of shooting. The crew was losing light and Green was nervous about whether the movie would turn out well — but then Woodley said, "Gus, I'm a grenade." Green said that the scene was pivotal for him. "And it was one of those moments in your life where everything disappears and you don't even have any sensory experiences," Green wrote. “And I just remember thinking, ‘Oh, shit, she's really good. She's going to change my life.’”

His 6-year-old son is a die-hard AFC Wimbledon fan
When one fan asked Green if his kids were as interested in soccer as he is, he said that they only watch a little bit of English football with him on television — but they are both members of the AFC Wimbledon’s Dons Junior Trust, making them sponsors of the team. Even though they have no voting rights because of their age, his sons receive yearly birthday and Christmas cards signed by the players. These cards are the reason Henry, Green’s 6-year-old son, has opted for AFC Wimbledon over Green’s team, Liverpool. “He only roots for Wimbledon, because on his birthday they send him a card signed by the manager and some of the players. When I told him that in our family we support Liverpool, he said, ‘They don't send me a birthday card.’ And that was that.”