Megyn Kelly Accuses Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment in Book (Report)

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Noam Galai/WireImage; Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

Megyn Kelly accuses Roger Ailes of sexual harassment in her new book, according to a report Thursday by Radar Online, which said it obtained an advance copy of Settle for More ahead of its scheduled Nov. 15 publication.

According to Radar, Kelly writes in the book that Ailes harassed her soon after she was hired in 2005. She says she was informed by her managing editor that she’d "captured the attention of Mr. Ailes” and invited to his office for a series of meetings where he would mix in sexually charged comments about her appearance in undergarments with normal professional advice.

At one point, the leaked excerpt reportedly says, Ailes offered to help Kelly's career in exchange for sexual favors. After six months, he became more aggressive — “crossed a new line,” Kelly writes — by grabbing her and trying to kiss her. Kelly says she rejected all his advances and reported him to a supervisor, which is why she thinks the harassment stopped around mid-2006.

After Gretchen Carlson reported her harassment by Ailes earlier this year, Kelly says Ailes mounted an “intense campaign” to get women in the company to support him. Instead, Kelly told her story of his earlier harassment to Lachlan Murdoch and a 21st Century Fox lawyer and later to the outside law firm Fox hired to investigate.

The investigation by the firm of Paul Weiss led Ailes to exit Fox News. Kelly’s contract is up in July and Fox has reportedly offered her $20 million to stay. Kelly’s tussle with Donald Trump during a Republican primary debate in 2015 made her a huge star and helped her land an advance of around $10 million for the book.

Susan Estrich, Ailes' lawyer, released a statement referring to Kelly's supportive words toward him during an interview on the Charlie Rose show and denying the allegations.

Kelly's publisher HarperCollins did not respond to a request for comment about the leaked material. A Fox News spokesperson declined to comment on the report.