Michael Bay's 451 Media Group Launches Interactive Publishing Division With Machinima

Bad Moon Rising - H 2015
Courtesy of 451 Media Group

Bad Moon Rising - H 2015

Michael Bay's 451 Media Group is teaming with Machinima to launch the 451 Interactive Publishing division that will focus on merging premium content from printed graphic novels with digital.

Transformers franchise helmer and producer Bay teamed with John and Anthony Gentile, the creators of global toy and entertainment brands including Micronauts and Visionaries, and Douglas Nunes to launch 451 Media Group in April through a large investment from China’s animation, toy and entertainment group Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd. The company will specialize in developing intellectual property (IP) and transmedia brands.

The new interactive division will use Touchcode technology from T+ink to allow readers of 451’s content to use their smartphones to unlock exclusive content housed on the Machinima Network.

"We got some of the best writers in the entertainment industry together and asked them to re-imagine their favorite stories as graphic novels with a bent towards interactivity. The result is a truly stunning immersive experience that takes storylines deeper with exclusive content like photos, videos and forthcoming virtual reality experiences,” said Nunes, CEO and founder of 451 Media Group

The graphic novels, written by Scott RosenbergSkip WoodsGeorge PelecanosMark MalloukClay McLeod Chapman and Peter and Paul Williams, will debut around New York Comic-Con in early October.

Machinima, a purveyor and cultivator of fandom and gamer culture, boasts more than 170 million viewers every month.

See a new logo for the company below.