New Novel Imagines Princess Diana Surviving Fatal 1997 Car Crash

'Imagining Diana' speculates what the princess' life would have been like for the last 20 years if she had lived but had been disfigured by the Paris accident.
Courtesy of Metabook
Imagining Diana, an alternative history novel by journalist Diane Clehane that speculates what would have happened if Princess Diana had survived the August 1997 car crash that killed her, is set to be published on the 20th anniversary of her death by Metabook. 
Clehane, who authored Diana: Secrets of Her Style and has reported extensively on the British royal family, thought of the idea when she interviewed Diana’s brother Charles Spencer for her Adweek column. The story opens in a Paris hospital as Diana has survived the accident but her famous face has been altered by the crash. The book follows her life over the next two decades. 
"This treatment of Diana is different from anything that has come before," Clehane, who co-wrote the New York Times best-seller Objection with Nancy Grace, said in a statement. "Fictionalizing an imagined future for Diana based on actual events will resonate with countless people who loved and admired her and who, like me, have followed the lives of the British royal family and thought, 'What would have happened if Diana had lived?’”
Imagining Diana will arrive first as one of the company’s enhanced digital books that includes video, performances and supplemental material, similar to Wally Lamb’s recent I’ll Take You There and an anniversary edition of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. A print edition will follow. Previous Metabook titles have featured performances by Kathleen Turner, Laverne Cox, Dana Delany, Laura Benanti, Janis Ian and Jeremy Sisto, as well as the Elizabeth Banks-produced short film Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber. Performers for Imagining Diana will be announced closer to publication. 
See a trailer for the book below.