'Powerhouse': Counting Who is Quoted Most in the CAA Story

Powerhouse Book Cover P 2016
Harper Collins

Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artist Agency by James Andrew Miller is the buzziest book in town right now. First thing many people do is check the index (for themselves, for their enemies, for curiosity's sake). The problem is — Miller decided not to include an index. 

The Hollywood Reporter has it covered. THR ranked every person quoted in the book by the number of entries they have in Miller's massive 752-page oral history, answering such pertinent questions as which founder and Young Turk gets the most ink, which non-CAA agents show up the most and which celebrity was the most helpful to Miller. 

The top 30 are listed below, but here's some of the highlights:

Most quoted in the book: Michael Ovitz wins easily with 216 entries to Ron Meyer's 134

Most cited Young Turk: David O'Connor with 54 entries

Most cited woman: Judy Ovitz with 20 entries (Paula Wagner was No. 2 with 19 entries)

Most cited actor: Bill Murray with 14 entries

Most cited studio executive (who wasn't previously an agent): Frank Price with 21 entries

The 30 people with the most entries:
Michael Ovitz, 216
Ron Meyer, 134
David O’Connor, 54
Rick Nicita, 42
Lee Gabler, 40
Sandy Climan, 37
Bill Haber, 34
Tom Ross, 28
Rowland Perkins, 25
Jack Rapke, 22
Frank Price, 21
Judy Ovitz, 20
Tony Krantz, 19
Paula Wagner, 19
Edgar Bronfman, Jr., 19
Kevin Huvane, 17
David Greenblatt, 18
Amy Grossman, 17
Tom Lassally, 16
Michael Levine, 16
Michael Wimer, 15
Ari Emanuel, 15
Howie Nuchow, 15
Rand Holston, 14
Bill Murray, 14
Richard Lovett, 14
Jeremy Zimmer, 13
Adam Venit 12
Michael Eisner, 11
Sylvester Stallone, 11
Susan Miller, 11
Bob Bookman, 11
Judy Hofflund, 11

Notable names just missing the cut: Joel Silver, Ivan Reitman, Michael Douglas, Patrick Whitesell and David Geffen

Notable omissions: Bryan Lourd, Steven Spielberg, Rupert Murdoch