Publisher Prints 75,000 Copies of '1984' to Meet Demand After Trump Administration's "Alternative Facts" Claim

Trump's Road to the White House - Publicity - H 2017
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Courtesy of FRONTLINE

The Trump presidency is doing wonders for George Orwell's book sales. 

The British author's most famous work, the dystopian fantasy 1984, hit the No. 1 spot on Amazon's best-seller list on Tuesday, and demand is so high the publisher Penguin is set to print 75,000 more copies according to CNN's Reliable Sources.

First published in 1949, a year before Orwell's death, 1984 tells the story of a future dictatorship where facts are constantly distorted. The book has spawned numerous neologisms including Big Brother, newspeak, thoughtcrime and doublespeak.

1984 is being rediscovered by a whole new generation with an unlikely assist from Donald Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway. Barely a day into the new presidency, Conway coined the rather Orwellian phrase "alternative facts" to push back against claims the administration was lying about Trump's inauguration-day crowd size. 

Sony and Jason Bourne director Paul Greengrass are planning to bring 1984 back to the big screen, although no release date is set. 1984 has been adapted into a movie twice before, a 1954 version starring Michael Redgrave and a 1984 version that starred John Hurt and was notably Richard Burton's last film.