Rights Available! The Life of a Tragic Dance Legend

Rights Available - Isadora book cover - H 2017
Courtesy of MacMillan Publishers

Isadora (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, May 23) by Amelia Gray
Agency: WME

With ballet movies in vogue (Red Sparrow, Swan Lake), this well-reviewed novel about tragic dance legend Isadora Duncan is well-timed. Gray picks up her story in 1913, just after her two children drowned when their car plunged off a bridge into the Seine.

Stillhouse Lake (Thomas & Mercer, July 1) by Rachel Caine
Agency: CAA

Perfect for an actress looking for a challenging role, this suspense thriller follows a shy housewife who, after discovering her husband is a serial killer, morphs into a gun-toting warrior who tries to build a new life for her kids — only to have trouble follow her.

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