Rights Available! Books About Jimmy Hoffa, Timothy Leary Up for Grabs

Vendetta Cover - H 2015
Courtesy of Little, Brown and Company

Vendetta Cover - H 2015

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Truth is stranger — and often more appealing — than fiction. So while Hollywood waits for the inevitable book by or about Rachel Dolezal and its preordained journey to the screen, there's two other true story–based books making the rounds for producers, directors and actors to chew on.

Vendetta by James Neff (Little, Brown)
Agent: Ron Bernstein (ICM)

It has been 23 years since Jack Nicholson starred in Hoffa. Investigative reporter Neff's new nonfiction book on Jimmy Hoffa should entice producers again to tackle the no-holds-barred clash between the Teamster and Robert Kennedy.

The Most Dangerous Man in America by Bill Minutaglio and Steve Davis (Twelve)
Agents: Howie Sanders and Kassie Evashevski (UTA)

The true story behind Timothy Leary's escape from prison and his fugitive adventures crisscrossing the globe with the likes of the Black Panthers, The Beatles, Janis Joplin and Ram Dass.