Rights Available! CBS PR Chief's Novel on Cheating Death

Stanley Bing's 'Immortal Life' and Joshua Max Feldman's 'Start Without Me' are both ripe for optioning.
Courtesy of Simon & Schuster
'Immortal Life' by Stanley Bing

Immortal Life (Simon & Schuster, Dec. 5) by Stanley Bing 
Agency: Gotham Group

The latest novel from business columnist Bing (who's actually CBS communications chief Gil Schwartz) follows a high-tech tycoon in the slightly distant future trying to cheat death by transferring his consciousness to a younger, more reluctant human.

Start Without Me (William Morrow, Oct. 17) by Joshua Max Feldman
Agency: ICM Partners

Just in time for potential buyers to read during their Thanksgiving break, this novel, from the author of the critically acclaimed The Book of Jonah, takes place over a single Turkey Day in which two strangers' lives intersect at an airport restaurant.

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