Rights Available! Exposé About Match Fixing in Pro Tennis Up for Grabs

BuzzFeed's "The Tennis Racket," along with Nicholas Petrie's 'The Drifter,' featuring a Jack Reacher-type hero, are both ripe for optioning.
Courtesy of G.P. Putnam's Sons
'The Drifter'

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The Drifter (G.P. Putnam's Sons) by Nicholas Petrie
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Petrie introduces a Jack Reacher-type hero in his new thriller. A battle-scarred Marine suffering from PTSD visits the Milwaukee home of a fellow soldier who committed suicide, where he finds a snarling pit bull — and a deadly plot that threatens to unravel his world.

"The Tennis Racket" (BuzzFeed) by John Templon and Heidi Blake
Agency: Gersh

The BuzzFeed/BBC piece about match fixing in pro tennis has journalists' attention, while producers may find the makings of a satisfying thriller in its story of elite players, Sicilian gamblers, secret payoffs and violent threats.