Rights Available! Hindenburg Crash Gets Reimagined as Terrorist Plot in New Novel

Flight of Dreams Cover - H 2016
Courtesy of Doubleday

Flight of Dreams Cover - H 2016

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Flight of Dreams (Doubleday) by Ariel Lawhon
Agency: Hotchkiss and Associates

This Agatha Christie–esque mystery asks, what if the 1937 Hindenburg crash was a terrorist plot? Lawhon, whose first book tackled the 1930 disappearance of Judge Joseph Crater, mixes rich descriptions of zeppelin travel with page-turning suspense.

A Year in the Life of Chloe Snow (Simon Pulse) by Emma Chastain
Agency: APA

Bridget Jones goes YA in the B&N.com editorial director's debut novel. In 365 diary entries, a freshman falls in love with a popular senior, gets the lead in the play, feuds with her best friend and loses her mother.