Rights Available! Hindenburg Crash Gets Reimagined as Terrorist Plot in New Novel

Ariel Lawhon's 'Flight of Dreams,' along with Emma Chastain's YA novel 'A Year in the Life of Chloe Snow,' are both ripe for optioning.
Courtesy of Doubleday
'Flight of Dreams'

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Flight of Dreams (Doubleday) by Ariel Lawhon
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This Agatha Christie–esque mystery asks, what if the 1937 Hindenburg crash was a terrorist plot? Lawhon, whose first book tackled the 1930 disappearance of Judge Joseph Crater, mixes rich descriptions of zeppelin travel with page-turning suspense.

A Year in the Life of Chloe Snow (Simon Pulse) by Emma Chastain
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Bridget Jones goes YA in the B&N.com editorial director's debut novel. In 365 diary entries, a freshman falls in love with a popular senior, gets the lead in the play, feuds with her best friend and loses her mother.