Rights Available! Iraq War Story and Heroic Drug Dealers Tempt Buyers

Overwatch Cover - H 2015
Courtesy of Atria

Overwatch Cover - H 2015

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Good properties come on the market 12 months a year, even in August, a traditionally slow month. First up is a novel set against the backdrop of the Iraq War and terrorism involving the hunt for a rogue nuclear weapon that features two strong male leads. Also attracting attention is a feel-good BuzzFeed story about a drug dealer turned Katrina hero.

Overwatch (Atria) by Matthew Betley
Agencies: CAA, Gernert

American Sniper has made Iraq War stories hot again. In this novel set for March, two Marines return home with an Iraqi flag taken from a raid on a terrorist compound. The flag turns out to hide the location of a nuclear bomb, which they must find while being chased by mercenaries desperate to get to it first.

"It Ain't the Police Who Was Helping Us" by Joel Anderson
Agent: Joe Veltre (Gersh)

Straight Outta Compton's success and Hurricane Katrina's 10th anniversary should make this July 29 BuzzFeed article, about a low-level drug dealer who heroically rescues the storm-stranded residents of a New Orleans public housing complex, a timely pickup.