Rights Available! Jake Tapper's 'The Hellfire Club'

Rights Available - Jake Tapper's The Hellfire Club Book Cover - H 2018
Courtesy of Little Brown and Company

The Hellfire Club (Little Brown and Co., April 24) by Jake Tapper
Agency: UTA

The CNN anchor's first novel, a 1950s-set political thriller about secret societies, communist witch hunts and how politics compromises the most idealistic in Congress, also features real characters (JFK, LBJ, Roy Cohn) and allusions to the Trump era.

The Language of Spells (Chronicle Books, June 26) by Garret Weyr
Agency: WME

The daughter of writer Thomas and lit agent Rhoda (and sister of TV director Tara) tells a story about a girl and her dragon looking for a group of dragons that disappeared during World War II. Think a kinder, gentler (and kid-appropriate) Daenerys Targaryen.

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