Rights Available! New Female War Tale Could Lure Buyers

The latest female-centered war story (Meg Waite Clayton's 'The Race for Paris') and a YA novel (Steven Camden's 'It's About Love') are ready for optioning.
Courtesy of Harper Collins
'The Race for Paris' and 'It's About Love'

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The dog days of August can be a slow time for book deals and for film optioning, but that doesn't mean a few gems can't be found. Take this week's featured properties. One is a period piece in a very hot genre —war stories with female leads — and the other is the kind of geek-meet-cute YA novel that has proved popular both on the page and on the screen. Plus, who can't love a YA novel whose main characters are named Luke and Leia? 

Here's what's hot this week:

The Race for Paris (Harper) by Meg Waite Clayton
Agencies: Marly Rusoff Lit/Lynn Pleshette Agency

Female-centered war stories are selling well (Ashley's War, Shoot Like a Girl), and early reviews of this inspired-by-real-life novel of two female World War II journalists vying to enter a liberated Paris first have been strong.

It's About Love (HarperCollins Children's) by Steven Camden
Agency: WME

Luke meets Leia in their college film class in Camden's debut YA novel, a cinephile's dream packed with film references (Star Wars!) and screenplay-style notes.