Rights Available! The Next Most Wanted After El Chapo

Ioan Grillo's 'Gangster Warlords' — which tells the story of real-life crime lords in South and Central America — is up for grabs.
Courtesy of Curtis Brown
'Gangster Warlords'

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After the holiday lull, the new year's offerings are timely and cool. Drug war stories always have intrigued Hollywood, but coming a week after Sean Penn's big El Chapo scoop and the cartel boss' subsequent capture, the Jan. 19 release of Ioan Grillo's Gangster Warlords couldn't be more timely. Offering a 180-degree different story is a debut novel pitched as a Love Actually meets the fashion runway tale. Here's two titles that are hot in Hollywood this week.

Gangster Warlords (Bloomsbury) by Ioan Grillo 
Agency: Curtis Brown (NY)

Nicely timed to El Chapo's rearrest, this Jan. 19 release documents the new gangster warlords ("part CEO, part terrorist, part rock star") of South and Central America in a story that moves between their militia-controlled ghettos and government offices.

Nine Women, One Dress  (Doubleday)  by Jane L. Rosen 
Agency: ICM

It's Love Actually meets Sex and the City as the little black dress of the season brings together the intersecting stories of nine women looking for love in NYC. Rosen's debut novel, which hits shelves in July, is primed for a female ensemble adaptation.