Rights Available! Post-Apocalyptic Debut in the Vein of 'Hunger Games' and 'Station Eleven'

Less Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Courtesy of Lee Boudreaux Books

Less (Lee Boudreaux Books, July 2017) by Andrew Sean Greer 
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Winning the Pulitzer should get the novelist off the sidelines in Hollywood; his four earlier books have seen options come and go. Here, Arthur Less avoids his 50th birthday and ex's wedding by accepting invites to the world's most offbeat literary festivals.

The Wolves of Winter (Scribner, Jan. 2) by Tyrell Johnson 
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This postapocalyptic debut set in an America wracked with pandemic and nuclear winter is 2018's hottest debut. Evoking Station Eleven and The Hunger Games, it follows a woman whose life in the Yukon is disrupted by a stranger with links to her past.

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