Rights Available! True Life Tales of Murder and Hackers Up for Grabs

Ryan D'Agostino's 'The Rising' and Jeremy N. Smith's 'Becoming Alien,' a book about the true story of a female hacker's 20-year career, are both ready for optioning.
Courtesy of Crown

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The Rising (Crown) by Ryan D'Agostino
Agency: InkWell

A man rebuilds his life after his wife and daughters are brutally murdered in a home invasion in this powerful true story about the resilience of the human spirit. D'Agostino is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist who has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times and Esquire and now is editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics.

Becoming Alien (Eamon Dolan) by Jeremy N. Smith
Agencies: Tessler Literary, Gersh

Catch Me If You Can meets Lisbeth Salander in this true-life story of female hacker Alien's 20-year career. Alien's identity will remain secret, but she will help promote the book, which will hit shelves in 2018.