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Michael Che Wins Copyright Suit Over TikToker’s “HomeGirl” Sketch

Comedian Michael Che has beaten a copyright suit alleging he ripped off the idea for one of his sketches from a series of TikTok videos called “HomeGirl Hotline” by Kelly Manno. According to a ruling issued Wednesday tossing the case, Manno’s jokes are too abstract to be protectable under copyright law. In December, Manno sued […]

Netflix Reset: After Layoffs, Reed Hastings Promises “Significant” Investments, but Where?

Netflix is in the midst of a reset, expanding its content purview and its core business model in ways that would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago. At the same time, the company is facing new pressure, with subscriber growth stalled and competition that is catching up quickly. That is the background […]

Quentin Tarantino Tries for an Early Court Win in ‘Pulp Fiction’ NFT Legal Battle

Miramax’s suit against Quentin Tarantino over plans to release non-fungible tokens based on Pulp Fiction opens a new front in the battle of NFTs. The studio argues that it’s a zero-sum game: only one side should be allowed to profit off of the new frontier of TV and film exploitation. But the case may beg […]

Josh Richards to Create and Produce TV Shows for Amazon Studios Under First-Look Deal

Josh Richards, the TikTok star and co-founder of CrossCheck Studios, will create and produce TV content exclusively for Amazon Studios under a first-look deal, the company said on Thursday. It’s not immediately clear what kind of shows Richards will be creating and producing for the studio, but an Amazon Studios spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that the […]

‘Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition’ Video Game Restored for Consoles, Steam Arrives

The 1997 point-and-click adventure title Blade Runner has arrived in a restored “enhanced edition.” Independent video game publisher Nightdive Studios, known for restoring classic video games such as System Shock and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, partnered with production company Alcon Entertainment to bring the classic game, based on the iconic 1982 film, back to fans via […]

Netflix Cuts 300 Employees in New Round of Layoffs

Netflix has cut an additional 300 employees — around 3 percent of its workforce — marking the latest round of major layoffs at the beleaguered streaming giant. “Both Ted and I regret not seeing our slowing revenue growth earlier so we could have ensured a more gradual readjustment of the business,” read a note sent […]

Jay Chandrasekhar Launches “Revenge App” to Give Power of Reviews, Recommendations Back to People

To fully understand why comedy guru Jay Chandrasekhar launched a new app called Vouch Vault, the filmmaker digs deep in his memory vault to recall the events surrounding the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. His raucous comedy Super Troopers — about five prank-loving Vermont state troopers who try to save their jobs by outdoing the local […]

Keanu Reeves and Partner Alexandra Grant Want to Make NFTs — and the Metaverse Itself — More Inclusive

What does art look like in an intangible digital space? Alexandra Grant, along with her partner, Keanu Reeves, is determined to help her fellow artists answer that question. The two are advisers for The Futureverse Foundation, a new charitable initiative designed to encourage artists to participate in the internet’s next frontier by creating work to […]

NBCUniversal Ad Sales Chief Linda Yaccarino to Co-Host Podcast for iHeartMedia

NBCUniversal ad sales and partnerships chairman Linda Yaccarino is adding another job to her plate: Podcast host. The veteran media executive will co-host an interview podcast called Sunday Supper alongside Laura Correnti, a partner at the full service marketing firm Giant Spoon. “With warmth, sweetness, and a healthy dose of spice, this podcast will invite […]

Google News Reopens in Spain After 8-Year Break, Drops Ad Revenue Fight in France

European publishers have celebrated a pair of major victories this week in their years-long battle to get Google and other news aggregators to pay for using snippets of of their news. On Wednesday, Google parent company Alphabet announced it was reopening Google News in Spain, eight years after it shut down the service because of […]

Instagram, Facebook to Delay Taking Commission From Creators to 2024

Instagram and Facebook will begin taking a cut of creators’ revenues in 2024, a year later than originally planned, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The two social platforms will take a commission from offerings like fan subscriptions, paid events, badges and the company’s newsletter platform and Substack competitor Bulletin, where creators currently get to […]

Don’t Expect Streaming Revenue to Keep Up Its Rapid Growth Rate

The U.S. market that includes streaming services is expected to slow down over the next five years, according to PwC’s annual Global Entertainment & Media Outlook. In 2021, the market for over-the-top video services, which refers to internet-based streaming providers such as Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max, as well as platforms that allow users to buy or rent […]