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DC Slate Unveiled: New Batman, Supergirl Movies, a Green Lantern TV Show, and More From James Gunn, Peter Safran

A new Batman movie without Robert Pattinson (but featuring Bruce Wayne’s murderous son). A Superman movie on the release schedule (mark your calendars for July 11, 2025). A Game of Thrones-style drama set on Wonder Woman’s home island of Themyscira (Amazonian palace intrigue). And an animated series already in production (Creature Commandos … wait, what?). […]

M. Night Shyamalan Says He Has Experienced Hollywood Highs and Lows So Many Times

M. Night Shyamalan thought his career was over. In the mid- to late-’90s, he was trapped at Miramax, and his little-seen second film, 1998’s Wide Awake, had been put through the Harvey Weinstein wringer. His dreams of being a working Hollywood director were fading day by day until his reps at UTA found a crack […]

Corruption Scandals, Fugitives and On-Set Strife: How History Caught Up With ‘Emancipation’ Producer Joey McFarland

Will Smith was supposed to be the most controversial element of Emancipation, Apple TV+’s big-budget epic from director Antoine Fuqua chronicling an enslaved man’s bid for freedom in 1860s Louisiana. Apple TV+ raised eyebrows by choosing to release its record-breaking acquisition — the streamer paid a reported $105 million for the drama during Cannes’ virtual […]

Oscars Op-Ed: Why Surprise Nominee Andrea Riseborough Is Unlikely to Face Sanctions for Unusual Campaign

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Friday that it is “conducting a review” of this season’s Oscar campaigns, with the grassroots effort that resulted in a surprising best actress Oscar nomination for Andrea Riseborough’s performance in the independent film To Leslie almost certainly the main focus of their inquiry. The nom […]

‘Missing’ Directors Talk Connections to ‘Searching,’ ‘Run’ and That Final Cameo

[The following story contains mild spoilers for Missing.] Missing directors Nick Johnson and Will Merrick are wunderkinds in the truest sense of the word. The duo began their careers as co-editors on director Aneesh Chaganty and screenwriter Sev Ohanian’s Searching (2018) and Run (2020), before making the improbable leap to feature film directors on Missing, […]

‘Infinity Pool’ Filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg Didn’t Worry About Rating While Making Shocking Horror Film

Infinity Pool, the out-there horror movie from director Brandon Cronenberg, was one of the talks of the Sundance Film Festival. With its eye-popping and blood-gushing violence and hallucinatory orgies, the movie had audiences rubbing their eyes in disbelief. What did they just see? The movie stars Alexander Skarsgard as an author trapped in a vacation […]

‘Mean Girls’ Musical Composer Jeff Richmond Talks Upcoming Movie Adaptation, Working With Wife Tina Fey

This January, Mean Girls’ national tour opened in Los Angeles, bringing the cult classic teen comedy to life on the Pantages stage. At the show’s L.A. premiere, the audience was decked out in pink outfits and Mean Girls merch, while guests like producer and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels also attended. Based on the […]

CJ ENM Introduces a New Vision for the Global Entertainment Industry

This story was created in paid partnership with CJ ENM. As the Korean entertainment industry gains more attention from around the world, entertainment powerhouse CJ ENM launched the Visionary Awards, wherein it names “visionaries” that will lead the entertainment industry. Ten honorees were awarded at the 2023 Visionary Awards, hosted by CJ ENM in Seoul […]

How Pamela Anderson’s Netflix Doc Captures Her Reaction to ‘Pam & Tommy’

In the face of yet another media circus tied to her and Tommy Lee’s stolen honeymoon tape, Pamela Anderson remained silent amid the announcement of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, the early 2022 limited series that recounted one of the most painful parts of her life. And she would remain silent through its release and awards […]

Jane Fonda on Cancer Battle, Privilege and Coming Into Her Own at 85

In a brief scene in her new movie 80 for Brady, Jane Fonda appears onscreen without her makeup or hair done, a collection of flowing blond wigs hung conspicuously on a rack behind her. It’s a surprisingly vulnerable moment in an otherwise broad studio comedy and a scene that Fonda specifically requested. In most of […]

Barry Jenkins and Raven Jackson on the Visual Poetry of ‘All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt’

It was 2019 and Oscar-winning writer, director and producer Barry Jenkins had been contacted by a friend to help with a new artists residency in Tennessee. It would come complete with room and board and workshops, Miriam Bale, who runs the program at the Indie Memphis Film Festival, would tell him, and would give participants […]

‘My Animal’ Star Amandla Stenberg Talks the Supernatural Romance and Being Manifested by ‘Star Wars’

Amandla Stenberg regrets not being able to attend the Sundance premiere of her new film My Animal, but she’s been a little preoccupied in a galaxy far, far away. Fortunately, Paramount picked up the ‘80s-set supernatural romance prior to the Park City festival, so Stenberg’s collaborators didn’t really need the budding superstar to help garner […]

Andrea Riseborough on Surprise Oscar Nom: “The Support Has Been Baffling”

Of all the snubs and surprises among the 95th Academy Award nominations, there was one that united most in a collective shock: Andrea Riseborough’s best actress nomination for her role as the title character in Momentum Pictures’ To Leslie. Directed by Michael Morris from a screenplay by Ryan Binaco (inspired by his own relationship with […]

Pioneering Exec Chris Lee Reflects on AAPI Progress in Hollywood 30 Years Later: “We Have a Deep Bench and Deep Pockets Now”

During his tenure as head of production at Columbia TriStar in the 1990s, Chris Lee oversaw such Hollywood classics as Philadelphia, Jerry Maguire and As Good As It Gets. But behind the scenes, as the first known Asian American to lead production at a major Hollywood studio, the Hawaii native was also actively involved in […]

Director Angus MacLachlan on Exploring Patriarchy in the Modern South With ‘A Little Prayer’

Sundance’s return to in person events after two years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been much celebrated since the annual festival kicked off on Jan. 19 in Park City, Utah. But the 2023 iteration isn’t just an exciting return for the organizers or attendees. For A Little Prayer producer Ramin Bahrani, it’s been a […]

Mental Health Visibility Only Goes So Far at the Oscars

Disability is usually the last identity category most people think of when we talk collectively about bolstering diversity, equity and inclusion across institutions — yet disabled people comprise the most diverse minoritized population in the world. After all, anyone can become disabled at any time. Disability is also often invisible: Think of how many people […]