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Latest Movie Reviews

‘Butcher’s Crossing’ Review: Nicolas Cage Goes Buffalo Hunting in a Bleak, Listless Western

Cage plays a seasoned buffalo hunter and costar Fred Hechinger a younger cowboy who looks up to him in Gabe Polsky's film.

‘Goodnight Mommy’ Review: Naomi Watts Loses Out in a Horror Remake that Dilutes the Chills

Matt Sobel reworks the 2014 Austrian nerve-shredder about twin brothers convinced the bandaged woman in their home recovering from surgery is not their mother.

‘The Black Guelph’ Review: A Bleakly Compelling Irish Drama of Abuse and Repercussions

Childhood trauma casts a long shadow in John Connors' drama, premiering at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

‘The City’ Review: A Stylish But Empty Tokyo Noir

Japanese ad director Katsuki Kuroyanagi offers a microbudget debut set in the Tokyo underworld, premiering at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

‘Ticket to Paradise’ Review: Julia Roberts and George Clooney Reunite in a Frothy, Flawed Rom-Com

The stars play a long-divorced couple who come together to stop their daughter from getting married in this Bali-set romantic comedy from Ol Parker.

‘Alice, Darling’ Review: Anna Kendrick Transfixes in a Chilling Portrait of Abuse

The actress plays a young woman coming to terms with the sinister nature of her relationship during a week-long trip with her friends in this gripping drama from Mary Nighy.

‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ Review: Peter Farrelly’s Vietnam War Film Starring Zac Efron Is a Bloated Misfire

The filmmaker's follow-up to his Oscar-winning 'Green Book' tells a quirky true story and also stars Russell Crowe and Bill Murray.

‘Raymond & Ray’ Review: Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke in a Wry Buddy Comedy With a Tender Heart

The stars play half-siblings who reunite to attend their abusive father's funeral in a Rodrigo Garcia film premiering in Toronto before heading to Apple TV+ this fall.

Critic’s Picks: The 5 Best Jean-Luc Godard Films

THR’s Paris-based film critic chooses his favorite works by the bold and brilliant auteur, who died at 91 on Tuesday, September 13.

‘Moving On’ Review: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Flaunt Their Crack Comic Timing in a Tonally Awkward Paul Weitz Film

The revenge comedy, which had its world premiere at TIFF, pairs the seasoned pros as estranged friends who reunite to settle an old score.

‘Prisoner’s Daughter’: Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox in Catherine Hardwicke’s Labored Drama

In the 'Twilight' director's latest feature, which premiered at Toronto, a dying convict tries to reconnect with his daughter.

‘Nuclear’ Review: Oliver Stone’s Lazy Case for Nuclear Power

Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, Stone's new documentary makes the case for nuclear power as a wrongfully maligned solution to our climate change crisis.