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‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ EPs on Season 2, Adapting an RPG for TV and Amazon as a Home for Animation

With only its second season underway, Prime Video’s animated adult fantasy The Legend of Vox Machina is proving to be one of the streamer’s latest and fruitful ventures into the medium and geek culture-at-large. Debuting in 2022, its critically acclaimed first season — largely funded through a kickstarer campaign and produced in partnership with Amazon Studios […]

Next Big Thing: Mariel Molino’s Journey From Telenovelas to Fronting a New Freeform Thriller

When Mariel Molino was a little girl, all she wanted was to be on the Disney Channel. “The American dream, for me, was Hannah Montana,” says the Mexican American actress. “I even wanted my dad to be Billy Ray Cyrus, but he had a really thick accent, so I wasn’t sure how that would work.” […]

How Apple TV’s ‘Shrinking’ Creators Snagged Harrison Ford and Learned From ‘Ted Lasso’

Ten episodes into production of the Apple TV+ grief comedy Shrinking, co-creator Brett Goldstein insists the cast and crew were still asking, “How the fuck is Harrison Ford here?” In truth, Goldstein (aka Roy Kent of Ted Lasso) has often wondered it too, incredulous that the Indiana Jones star agreed to make his comedy debut […]

WBTV Boss Channing Dungey on Navigating Regime Change, Inflated Budgets and Future of ‘Ted Lasso’

Channing Dungey spent her first two months at what was then simply Warner Media shadowing her predecessor, Peter Roth. She was coming off a short stint at Netflix, which followed a much longer stint at Disney, and Roth had two-plus decades of experience running television’s most prolific studio to impart. “I like to say I […]

‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar on Playing Harrison Ford’s Nephew and Auditioning for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

[This story contains spoilers for 1923’s first four episodes.] Taylor Sheridan’s first Yellowstone prequel, 1883, told the tragic story of how the Dutton family originally settled in Montana, and the series was marketed with stars Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the forefront. But the Western show was ultimately about Isabel May’s Elsa […]

In ‘Poker Face,’ Natasha Lyonne Can’t Help But to Crack the Case

[This story contains spoilers from the first four episodes of Peacock’s Poker Face.] After emerging from another season of Russian Doll’s mind warp, Natasha Lyonne threw herself into a new character. This time, it was Charlie Cale, the star of her and creator Rian Johnson’s new Peacock series Poker Face. And there are some big […]

‘Chanshi’ Creator on How Her Series Explores Sexuality, Trauma and the American Jewish Experience in Israel

Show creator and actress Aleeza Chanowitz says she writes what she knows — and what she knows is something TV has rarely offered when it comes to stories about Jewish women. Premiering at Sundance on Tuesday as part of the Indie Episodic Program, her new series Chanshi is drawn from her own experiences as a 21-year-old […]

Next Big Thing: ‘Shrinking’ Star Lukita Maxwell Talks Improv with Harrison Ford, Pursuing Comedy

Lukita Maxwell always wanted to pursue acting but didn’t know it was possible without industry connections. “I thought that actors were just all nepotism babies,” Maxwell says. “If you were born into acting, you were born into royalty, and I couldn’t act because I wasn’t born into a family of actors.” Now, she’s starring alongside […]

‘Willow’ Star Christian Slater Talks His Val Kilmer Tribute and the ‘Mr. Robot’ Effect

Three decades ago, Christian Slater met Val Kilmer on the set of True Romance, the Quentin Tarantino-penned, Tony Scott-directed crime thriller. Slater played Clarence Worley, an Elvis Presley fanatic, while Kilmer portrayed the Mentor, an Elvis-like figment of Clarence’s imagination. Slater and Kilmer, who first made their names in the 1980s, would go on to […]

How Rian Johnson Plans to Subvert TV’s Binge Model With ‘Poker Face’

Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne wanted to buck the binge model with their new TV show, Poker Face. But the Knives Out director didn’t realize how hard of a sell that would be. “Serialized storytelling in the world of streaming just has the gravity of a million suns right now,” the filmmaker tells The Hollywood […]

‘Willow’ EP Ron Howard Talks Season Two Renewal Chances, the Future of ‘Solo’ and the Time He Met Joseph Campbell

Ron Howard isn’t all that surprised that a Willow sequel now exists in the form of a Disney+ series. After all, Willow mastermind George Lucas always believed that a TV series would be the optimal way to expand the world of Willow, and the idea has been kicked around ever since Lucas and Howard collaborated […]

“We Haven’t Really Had a Breakout”: Top Unscripted TV Execs on Controversies, Trends and the Next Big Bets

As questions abound regarding the future of reality television at the start of the new year, it’s a good time to turn to the individuals behind some of the genre’s biggest success stories for answers. Walt Disney Television executive vp of unscripted and alternative Rob Mills, NBCUniversal senior vp of unscripted current production Kathleen French, […]

Howard Gordon on Fox Panic Over New Show ‘Accused,’ Making More ‘24’ and Being “A Writer of a Certain Age”

Howard Gordon has spent much of the pandemic consumed by his latest thriller, an anthology series titled Accused. The weekly collection of topical stories, where viewers come in knowing nothing about the featured crime or how the defendant ended up on trial, has him back at Fox — home to his earlier entries The X-Files […]

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Co-Creator Hugh Dillon on Fighter Jeremy Renner and an “Uncompromising” Season 2

Mayor of Kingstown co-creator Hugh Dillon first pitched the Paramount+ series to his fellow co-creator Taylor Sheridan when the latter was his acting coach in 2008. Dillon starred on CBS’ Flashpoint for five seasons, and Sheridan coached him throughout all 75 episodes. The duo became fast friends in the process, prompting Dillon to bring up […]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Revisits Five Pivotal Post-‘Buffy’ Roles 

While speaking for her recent Hollywood Reporter cover story, Sarah Michelle Gellar opened up about some of her career’s biggest swings between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her time away from acting. She returns to TV with her first series regular role in almost a decade when Paramount+ drama Wolf Pack premieres Jan. 26.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to Fighting Form: “I’ve Earned the Right to Stand Where I Am”

Two decades after her character’s retirement, the woman behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer still can’t help but come to the rescue. Sarah Michelle Gellar arrives early to Blue Ribbon Sushi — she is always early — wearing a camel trench, striped sweater and a welcoming smile. Merely on time, I join her with an iPhone […]