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Power Lawyers 2022: Hollywood’s Top 100 Attorneys

As Hollywood looks to rebound amid the new normal and reinvent its business practices, it’s the entertainment industry’s top attorneys who are settling strife between studios and stars, navigating big-ticket mergers and exploring issues involving NFTs and the metaverse.

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Former WME Agent Adam Venit Sued for Assault, Domestic Violence by Ex-Wife

Former Hollywood powerbroker Adam Venit has been sued by his ex-wife, who accuses him of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking and says she was “trapped in a dangerously violent and abusive marriage.” In the suit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles on Sunday, Trina Venit claims that her ex-husband, a former WME agent, […]

Michael Che Wins Copyright Suit Over TikToker’s “HomeGirl” Sketch

Comedian Michael Che has beaten a copyright suit alleging he ripped off the idea for one of his sketches from a series of TikTok videos called “HomeGirl Hotline” by Kelly Manno. According to a ruling issued Wednesday tossing the case, Manno’s jokes are too abstract to be protectable under copyright law. In December, Manno sued […]

Quentin Tarantino Tries for an Early Court Win in ‘Pulp Fiction’ NFT Legal Battle

Miramax’s suit against Quentin Tarantino over plans to release non-fungible tokens based on Pulp Fiction opens a new front in the battle of NFTs. The studio argues that it’s a zero-sum game: only one side should be allowed to profit off of the new frontier of TV and film exploitation. But the case may beg […]

Twitter Overcomes Subpoena Looking to Unmask Anonymous Troll in Free Speech Case

Does copyright law compel the unmasking of anonymous users when First Amendment rights may be threatened by the disclosures? A federal judge answered “No” to that question when he granted Twitter’s motion to quash a subpoena from strategic advisory firm Bayside seeking to identify the user behind @CallMeMoneyBags, an account dedicated to criticizing wealthy people […]

Arrest Order Issued for Rovier Carrington After No-Show in Criminal Case

A New York federal judge has ordered the arrest of Rovier Carrington, who’s facing a perjury charge for falsely accusing late Paramount chief Brad Grey of rape, for missing court hearings in his criminal case. Carrington says he failed to appear because he’s immunocompromised and was recommended not to travel. “The Court gave Mr. Carrington […]

‘General Hospital’ Crewmembers Sue ABC Over Vaccine Refusal

Two former General Hospital crewmembers, James and Timothy Wahl, are suing ABC after getting fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination in a lawsuit that portrays efforts to curb the spread of the virus as “unprecedented restrictions on liberty.” They’re being represented by the same attorneys who filed an identical suit on behalf of actor Ingo […]

Department of Justice Takes Aim at MLB’s Immunity From Antitrust Law

It’s open season on Major League Baseball’s century-old exemption from antitrust law. In a filing siding with three former minor league teams suing the MLB, the Department of Justice on Wednesday urged a federal court to limit the scope of the baseball’s carveout to “conduct that is central to the offering of professional baseball exhibitions.” […]

Netflix Settles With Mo’Nique Over Discrimination, Retaliation Lawsuit

Netflix has settled a potentially precedent-setting lawsuit from Mo’Nique in a case that could have found that the streamer retaliated against the comedian by refusing to engage in good-faith negotiations after she accused the company of discrimination for opening with a low-ball offer. Both sides on Tuesday moved to dismiss the suit, according to a […]

Netflix Sued for Defamation by Cuban Exiles Over Spy Thriller ‘Wasp Network’

A defamation suit against Netflix from the head of a Cuban exile organization accuses the streamer of distributing propaganda for Cuba by portraying him as a terrorist and drug trafficker in Olivier Assayas’ political spy thriller Wasp Network. In a lawsuit filed on Monday in federal court in Florida, Brothers to the Rescue leader Jose […]

Disney’s Profits From ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Safe, Judge Rules

Disney is no longer at risk of surrendering profits on two of its blockbusters — Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool — for using allegedly stolen VFX technology to animate CG characters. Conceding that he erred in a previous ruling clearing the way for trial over these films and exposing the company to massive damages, […]

Netflix Settles Copyright Lawsuit Over Fish-Headed Villain in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Netflix and Dark Horse Comics have settled a copyright lawsuit from comic book artist Kevin Atkinson alleging the idea for a fish-tank-headed villain in The Umbrella Academy was lifted from him, according to Atkinson’s attorney. Details of the deal, filed on Wednesday, were not made public as the filing is sealed. The agreement was reached less […]

Twitter to Comply With Elon Musk’s Demand For Data on Fake Accounts

Twitter plans to comply with Elon Musk’s demand for internal data on spam bots and fake accounts after threatening to walk away from the deal, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. Citing a person familiar with the state of negotiations, the report says the company will offer access to the so-called “firehouse” of data comprising […]