50 Cent and Jimmy Fallon Hawk Headphones, Music on QVC (Video)

50 Cent Jimmy Fallon QVC P

Home shopping network QVC featured twice the star power on Tuesday night when the channel brought late-night host Jimmy Fallon and superstar rapper 50 Cent to millions of screens.

Fallon and 50 appeared on an unscripted retail segment called “Anything Goes with Rick and Shawn,” where the two promoted several new products -- Fallon, his new CD Blow Your Pants Off (out June 12) and 50 his own SYNC and STREET headphones.

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“It’s not uncommon to see celebrities on air at QVC,” said Doug Rose, senior vice president of QVC programming and marketing, “but it is rare when two guests with such star power are featured on the same broadcast."

For Fallon's appearance, the comedian performed songs from his album, including his trademark Neil Young-esque rendition of the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and a Bob Dylan-inspired taken on the Charles in Charge theme. Fallon also plugged his second book, Thank You Notes 2, which recently topped the New York Times bestseller list.

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For his part, 50 charmed while demonstrating his state-of-the-art SMS Audio headphones, explaining that improving the quality of sound for listeners is an extension of his passion for music. “This is an opportunity for people to hear [music] the way it was intended to be heard,” said 50. Another bonus to SYNC and STREET, which range in price from $249 to $399: they're wireless and can transmit sound from a device up to 50 feet away.

While celebrities have long looked to the Pennsylvania-based QVC as a way to move product -- Joan Rivers and the Kardashian sisters among them -- music stars, and certainly rappers, represent a relatively new and potentially growing sales segment.

Watch some of Fallon's appearance on the QVC site and 50 Cent's below:

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