7 Best 'Weird Al' Yankovic Sight Gags: Gaga, Amish and Obi-Wan

In honor of his "Mandatory Fun" daily video marathon, THR counts down the best costumes and props of the parody master.

It's only five days into "Weird Al" Yankovic's brilliant Mandatory Fun daily video release, and we've already seen him transform into an inarguably tacky dresser, a blond handyman and a paranoid foil salesman on television.

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But throughout his long and hilarious career, the parody master is one of both sound and sight. The Hollywood Reporter recalls Yankovic's top sight gags (from before the fun was absolutely mandatory):

"The Saga Begins"

The Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonator pokes fun at Episode I: The Phantom Menace in this hilarious Star Wars parody, set to Don McLean's "American Pie."


"Perform This Way"

The costumes and props — egg and all — are countless in his spoof of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," centering on the self-aware game of her fame.



"Amish Paradise"

Forget Coolio and L.V.'s "Gangsta's Paradise" — real gangsters forgo electricity and grow out really, really long beards.


"Dare to Be Stupid"

Yankovic's style parody of Devo involves Hazmat suits, goggles and real cone hats.



"Hey Mickey" who? The musician makes light of the constant whining on I Love Lucy with the Toni Basil hit.


"Like a Surgeon"

The spoof of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" obviously required lions in the lobby and chainsaws in the operating room. 



Yankovic took on Michael Jackson's "Bad" with a weight on his shoulders — and everywhere else. (Honorable mention: "Eat It," of course.)

Which is your favorite "Weird Al" sight gag? Sound off in the comments below.