Watch Adam Goldberg Star in Synthpop Project nav/attack's Music Video

Nav Attack publicity 2015 H
Courtesy of Dangerbird Records

Los Angeles is home to synthpop project nav/attack, founded by Andrew Lynch, who released his self-titled debut album on Dangerbird Records in early October.

The LP itself takes its listeners on a post-computer-age voyage that seamlessly skates between the line of a technology-masked society and the raw human conscience. One of the experimental indie records, "More Wins," has been channeled into an abstract music video (watch below).

It all began with a drum loop that Lynch created using an iPhone app, giving the song a "droney quality." When listening to the final product, Lynch says, "it sounds like a machine that used to be human trying to justify to itself its own transformation."

The antiquated campy aesthetic of its visual counterpart provides the story a unique charm, fluently bringing viewers into the characters’ journey. This is one of six videos Lynch has made for the album, in which he introduces the “evil doctor” of the story, Dr. Ross Arlen. Viewers may notice Adam Goldberg, the actor in films Saving Private Ryan and A Beautiful Mind, as the reporter in the story.

"I met Adam Goldberg years ago through a band I was playing in at the time. We share a deep admiration for jazz, and I happen to play trumpet and piano, so he started incorporating me into his own records and I became a member of his band, The Goldberg Sisters," explains Lynch. "I also engineered and mixed his latest record. I was starting to prep the videos when Adam asked me and some other music pals to play bit parts in his film No Way Jose. I had so much fun working with him that I wrote the role of Edward Eagle (the news reporter from the videos) specifically for Adam and he's just perfect."

The self-titled nav/attack album can be purchased here.

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