Adele Talks Returning to Music: "I Was So Frightened That No One Cared"

Adele Hello Video 3 H 2015

Adele Hello Video 3 H 2015

Now that Adele's lead 25 single "Hello" is here, the Grammy and Oscar winner is making the rounds (via phone call) on various radio shows.

Speaking to New York Z100's Elvis Duran Friday morning, Adele revealed that prior to her comeback, she was very concerned no one would care about her anymore.

"A hundred percent, I was so frightened that no one cared," Adele told Duran. When the first snippet of 25 debuted in a mysterious X Factor U.K. commercial, she said she assumed "everyone is going to think it's an advert for furniture stores."

Obviously, that wasn't the public's response. The first taste of new Adele blew up the Internet earlier this week, and "Hello" has already hit No. 1 on iTunes today.

As for the contemplative, lovelorn tune, Adele explained the darkness in "Hello" to Jenny Eliscu on SiriusXM. "I like to be dramatic. I'm a bit of a drama queen. There's nothing more poignant in my life than anyone else's life, it's just I write about it, so it lasts forever."

Adele also said 25 wasn't her first attempt at a follow-up to 21. She said she went into the studio at one point but "it became obvious pretty quickly I wasn't in the headspace to access my creativity. So I decided not to do it until I felt ready." That meant she didn't start working on 25 "until my kid was 18 months old, maybe two years old."

Adele even gave Eliscu some info on a 25 track we haven't heard yet, "When We Were Young." Co-written with Tobias Jesso Jr. (who has a co-writing credit alongside Adele and Sia on the latter's "Alive"), Adele reveals the song was composed at the piano of the classical contemporary world's most celebrated composer.

"We wrote this song called 'When We Were Young' at the most insane house in L.A., and we wrote it at Philip Glass' piano, which was just insane. I would have been devastated if we left without a song for the record."

But pop-soul fans needn't fret  the song isn't Adele's foray into hypnotic, repetitive minimalism. "It's a very '70s singer-songwriter vibe," Adele said, "which is Tobias' thing, which is why I picked him."

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